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Nursing Studies and Health (DipHE, CertHE)

Both the Cert HE and Dip HE Nursing Studies and Health have been developed to help passionate nursing candidates achieve their aspirations and dreams.

The programmes provide the knowledge, skills and qualification that increase degree applicants’ likelihood of gaining entry to their first-choice degree.

While studying on the Dip HE, students continue to apply to their chosen degree programme, and leave UWTSD’s course at the end of year one or two depending on when they gain their place.

Course Overview

The ultimate defining characteristic of the programmes is to offer aspiring nurses and allied health professionals a route into nurse education that has been denied to them previously.

Staff pride themselves on the high levels of academic support provided to students.

Staff have a network of professionals who can be utilised to offer guest sessions, free training, mock interviews, guidance and support.

The course continuously evolves in accordance with feedback from industry.

Course Modules

Year One – Level 4 (Cert HE & Dip HE)

  • Communication and Counselling (20 credits)
  • Introduction to Health Research (20 credits)
  • Introduction to the Physiology of the Body (20 credits)
  • Managing Organisations in Nursing (20 credits)
  • Personal and Academic Development in Nursing (20 credits)
  • Industry Engagement and Professionalism (20 credits).

 Year Two – Level 5 (Dip HE)

  • Collaborative Learning in Practice (20 credits)
  • Community Care (20 credits)
  • Living Well: The Older Person in Context (20 credits)
  • Physiology of the Body including Nutrition (20 credits)
  • Psychopathology and Therapeutic Responses in Health (20 credits)
  • Public Health Promotion (20 credits).

 All modules are compulsory.

Course Features

Why choose this course?

  • Employability is at the heart of our programmes, given the focus on the ultimate achievement of qualified nursing status.

  • The learning strategy for the programmes requires students to complete two workplace practice/work experience modules to rehearse their professional practice skills in real world environments.

  • All teaching staff have close links with industry, are or have been practising practitioners themselves and/or hold professional body awards.

Entry Criteria

These programmes are for applicants who hold either a level 2 or 3 qualification. However, each applicant is considered individually on merit, meaning that we can take your life and work experience or current job role into account.

It is our intention that every single applicant receives an offer, and therefore, a route into healthcare.

We recommend making clear in your personal statement:

  • Any industry related work or employment experience
  • Any family-based care or support experience
  • The type of healthcare role you aspire to.


Exams are not heavily used in the programmes because the assessment focus is on the rehearsal of activities typically undertaken in the nursing and healthcare environment.

Coursework is the primary assessment strategy.

Coursework and practical tasks are set in a variety of formats; these include:

  • Practical in-class set exercises (e.g. debate seminars)
  • Role play (e.g. mock nursing interviews with heads of industry)
  • Presentations
  • Professional nursing portfolio (mirroring demands of industry)
  • Research projects
  • Reflective blogs
  • Peer mentoring
  • Video critique
  • Essays
  • Reports
  • Work experience/placements.

Career Opportunities

The University has partnered with Trinity Nursing Services, a national nursing and care agency, in order to secure free training at health care support worker level, a priority induction service, and most importantly, the opportunity to work as paid agency nursing assistants across Wales.

Staff provide careers guidance for learners, as well as offering a seamless progression route for our nursing students onto any other course offered within the wider portfolio.

For those who progress onto NHS bursary courses, paid employment, or other courses within UWTSD, we have worked with internal professional services staff colleagues to streamline the process.


Course Intake

Carmarthen | Swansea

Language Choice:
English   Welsh

Course Length:
Flexible exit points:
Nursing Studies and Health (CertHE) – 1 year
Nursing Studies and Health (DipHE) – 2 years
Options available to study a 3rd year BSc in other UWTSD Health related programmes

Start Date:
September February

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Any questions related to the academic content of the course?